Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lots to catch up on

I had so many good intentions for blogging over the summer. Didn't quite happen, as my faithful few readers know. Now that school is back in swing, it might be even harder to catch up, but I am going to try.

Stay tuned for a retrospective of our summer: a lake visit, a boat trip, VBS, and a gigantic trip to Indiana. I already wrote a little about baseball and Forest Fair, but they may make another appearance as well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School has started

Today was the first day of school for the kids. I started back last Thursday (in case you're wondering). Officially a full-time teacher this year! Whoo hoo!

Samuel is a sophomore this year and was looking forward to some good teachers. There was a little blip with his schedule changing that we discovered last night, but it appears that the new schedule includes an engaging Honors US History teacher. Much to his and our relief.

This morning, Moriah said "I don't know why people get nervous about the first day of school" while exhibiting a small amount of nerves herself (it seemed). Today was her first day of 7th grade and she'll have three teachers instead of one. That's not a huge increase like in normal middle schools, but it's still enough to give her a little case of nerves. Especially since the science/language arts teacher is known to be a hard teacher.

Susannah seemed rather calm this morning, and ready to jump into 7th grade. She's now allowed to wear a little mascara (something those beautiful lashes of hers don't really need) and I suspect mornings will involve a bit more primping. She and Moriah have the same exact classes, including electives, and will probably have the same exact classes next year too.

I had an easy first day. One class. Tomorrow will jump to four classes and into my regular schedule, which now encompasses library classes, research class and Spanish classes. I wear many hats around school and hope I can keep my sanity this year. I have a couple more weeks before my UAS classes start and I plan to enjoy 'just' working full-time until then.

We did 'celebrate' the start of school with our traditional trip down to the Ice Cream Shop. Expensive, yes, but somehow necessary to mark the beginning of this new school year.