Friday, July 27, 2012

*insert Charlie Brown-inspired noise of frustration here*

Do you know the sound I mean?  The one that is kind of like 'aaaaaaarraaaaaaarrrrgggg' or something, when Lucy pulls the football away and he flies through the air and lands on his back?  I've got that sound going through my head right now as I contemplate adding two more high school students to scheduling for this school year.

*takes a deep breath*

Samuel will be a senior this year and I feel like we finally got a handle on the rhythms and patterns of high school life.  His was a simple schedule, though, since it was 'just' DDF (Drama/Debate/Forensics) and school and occasional work.  You'd think his sisters would want to emulate their big brother and keep things simple. 

You're right, they aren't.

Moriah wants to try out for flag football and Susannah wants to try out for volleyball.  I haven't the foggiest idea what chances they have of making either team since Girdwood doesn't have a middle school version of either one (volleyball is the only one that was an 'official' middle school sport, but Girdwood has not had a team).  Both girls also are interested in the drama department and yet again, I have no earthly idea what their chances are of making it into a production.  Everyone who tried out made it into Girdwood School's production as long as you showed up for rehearsals.  The girls are also tentatively interested in DDF for the drama events (some brotherly insistence influence, for sure) and would be on the team for sure if they choose to go that route. 

Given all three options that the girls are considering, and given all of the paperwork and driving and logistics that will go into managing these interests, I am feeling no small amount of panic.  Perhaps panic is too strong a word, but my heart is beating noticeably and I'm left wondering if the first part of the school year will be horrible unbearable interesting.  I am incredibly grateful that there is an activities bus available for Girdwood students, making rides less of an issue...but still.  Long days, lots of juggling and at least a little chaos

Nothing we can't handle, right?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yes, I'm pathetic ya doin'?   Did you give up on me again?  Yeah, I don't blame you.  I have such high hopes for keeping up this blog and then life happens or I get lazy and it goes quiet. 

Here's my last promise for this blog:  no more promises.  I'll just try to write when I can.