Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saving graces in twindom

I am always (always) grateful when tantrums happen in ones. There do exist occasional stereo tantrums that are completely and utterly hellish to endure. But for some unknown (and blessed) reason, most of the time the little girls throw tantrums one at a time.

Take tonight, for instance. The regular pjs/brush teeth/go potty routine was going just fine. Bethany was finished first and got to pick the first book. The second book reading went great, as did the third. Getting lotion and 'nosey stuff' (saline spray) was smooth as silk.

It was when Abigail settled onto my lap for songs that Bethany became upset.

And it was when I explained, rather gently and calmly, that Abigail got there first, that Bethany became rather unhinged. The following tantrum was fairly epic and dear sweet Jim had the pleasure of escorting Bethany from the room while I sang to Abigail.

The entire time her sister was freaking out, Abigail was wonderfully cuddly and calm on my lap.

And I was reminded yet again to be grateful when tantrums come in ones.