Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lovely weekend

We had two days of sunshine (including Friday), making this weekend awesome for the weather. We also had one day of Son-shine (*wink*), making this weekend awesome for the love.

Jim and I took a walk Friday afternoon, the 'big' girls ran/hiked part of the mountain with their x-c team, Samuel enjoyed an evening around a bonfire for his x-c spaghetti feed and the little girls had fun playing at Little Bears.

Yesterday was another beautiful day, although we didn't take advantage of the weather quite like we could have. I slept in late, Jim ran to town with Moriah and Susannah and Samuel went to hang out with a friend. The little girls did get to ride their 'bikes' and I wish I had gotten a photo when the two of them fit onto one tricycle together. Next time, if they are game to try it again.

Today, the weather was kinda rotten. But the day was still beautiful because the church did another 'day of service' in the community.
  • Samuel helped out by babysitting (he has a stress fracture in his left foot and can't do a whole lot)
  • the girls (and several others) helped 'fling cookies' (passed out cookies to random folks as a sign of God's love) and babysat after Samuel had to go to work
  • I scraped old stain off a deck at a non-profit's building
  • several folks painted at the same non-profit's building
  • others chopped and delivered wood for a man who seriously broke his leg and heats his house with a wood stove
  • two ladies played Scrabble with a shut-in
  • another group painted cubbies at Little Bears
  • and Jim ran from place to place making sure everyone had what they needed and fielding calls and directing folks to the right places
We even had a new family show up, expecting regular worship, who jumped right in and helped!

It was awesome, rain or no rain.

God is good.

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