Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just have to say

Moriah and Susannah were amazingly wonderful in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Girdwood School play. They had performances last night and tonight and the girls did so well. In fact, the entire cast was awesome. Truly.

Moriah was the Cowardly Lion and was completely in character the entire time she was on stage. She sang two solos and nailed both of them both nights. Moriah was quite the scaredy cat and had a lot of fun cowering and flinching.

Susannah was Dorothy and was just the right sweetness. She sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow right at the beginning and did a lovely, lovely job. She stayed in character, too, and made us so proud of her acting.

Pictures will follow, once I find my camera cord. We also recorded the entire thing, so I may put their songs on here. Depends on if it would take FOREVER to upload them or not.

My heart overflows with love and pride. Way to go, girls!

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