Sunday, November 7, 2010


A little Halloween 'eye' candy for you all.

I took the easy way out this year and bought costumes. What helped that decision was having the little girls with me at Costco. And by 'helped' I really mean that 1. the little girls caught sight of the costumes and became *completely* and instantly excited and 2. I realized how easy it would be to just pluck them off the rack and buy them.

Here is Abigail as Tinkerbell. No Sleeping Beauty or Belle dresses to be had, but this costume felt a little similar to the original idea of being a butterfly. 'Cause of the wings....

Bethany was Cinderella. Her costume did take a little altering because it was 3 sizes too big, which means I can claim that I did a little more that 'just' buy them. Right?

I also took one photo of both of them, before Jim took them out Trick or Treating. Note the Alaskan version of princess/fairy footwear.

The previous Friday was the community Halloween Carnival and I was asked to be a "Spooky Story Lady"...I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be a lady who read Spooky Stories, not *be* a Spooky story lady, so I dressed appropriately:

I thought I had photos of the two older girls and Jim from the carnival, too, but I don't.

Moriah dressed as a pop singer named Justin Bieber. She had a very complex costume to pull it off, too. A zipper hoody, wide-brim plaid baseball cap and a microphone.

Susannah dressed as a book character (be still, my librarian heart). She was Katniss Everdeen from a very popular YA series of books called The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay. Fabulous books, cute and easy idea for a costume (forest colors, bow and arrows).

Jim, my dear, punny hubby, went as a Doc in a Box. Scrub shirt, cardboard box around his middle. Simple and funny. Like him. :o)

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