Thursday, August 15, 2013

Whew! More than a year between posts!

Now that we're in a new town (Seward, AK) and experiencing lots of new things, I think I'll try my hand at blogging again.

Quick (very quick) recap of the last few months:

Jim was appointed to the Seward and Moose Pass United Methodist Churches starting Jan. 1.
The kids and I stayed in Girdwood for the remainder of the school year, traveling down to Seward on weekends when we could.
The three olders got summer jobs and have made some moolah over the last two and a half months.
Summer was amazing this year, with TONS of warm warm warm sunny days.
We were blessed to be the Grand Marshals in the Forest Fair parade, which marked the last weekend the entire Doepken clan was in Girdwood together.
I journeyed to Indiana for my 25th High School reunion and some great family time.
We enjoyed Jim's parents' visit for three weeks and his aunt and uncle's visit for one week. 
We are just about completely out of our Girdwood house, with the new owners starting to move in.
I started a new job yesterday, working as the part-time librarian at the Seward Elementary School.
The four girls start school on Tuesday.
Samuel starts college (COLLEGE!) on August 26.

Time for bed!  I have to work tomorrow.


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