Monday, February 8, 2010

Know what else?

How in the WORLD did I forget to add the other biggie deal from a little over a week ago?

The little girls turned three! On January 31 to be exact. We had our regular church stuff Sunday morning (although the singing of the birthday song isn't regular) and had a relaxed afternoon. Even though the new three-year-olds didn't sleep a wink at naptime for all the excitement of anticipating their party. After Jim and the girls got back from confirmation class, we had some friends over to help celebrate with cake and ice cream. I'll work on a longer post soon (I really will!) because I still need to download some photos from a friend's camera.

Suffice it to say that the little girls are definitely not babies anymore. They're "tottlers" as Bethany says. I guess they're really more like preschoolers. Wowie, where did the time go?

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