Friday, July 2, 2010

Forest Fair Wares

In an attempt to earn a little money to put towards a springtime D.C. trip, Moriah and Susannah (and I) have been making things to sell at Forest Fair.

The girls have created a plethora of duct tape wallets, in all sorts of colors and a couple of different styles. I've contributed a few more 'complex' ones that have more pockets.

The three of us have also fashioned totes and wallets out of empty juice pouches (mostly Capri Sun) and they've turned out pretty well. I fancy the larger one we did that has lime green as the main accent color.

Here's a photo of the variety of bags we've made. Short ones, taller ones, wine name it, we can probably stitch it together.

I think we'll try this again for the Christmas Bazaar, so if you drink liquids that come in pouches, send 'em our way. I'm thinking of saving some bigger pouches to sew on, too, like the Teddy Graham mini snak sak pouches or the Animal Cracker pouches (again, feel free to send us any empties you may have of those...).

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