Monday, June 28, 2010


Jim's parents arrived on Tuesday night and life slowed way down once they got here.

That's probably because baseball is over and the family isn't going to a ballpark three nights a week.
And probably because the cleaning frenzy that preceded their visit makes most any other activity level pale in comparison.

Samuel's staying busy with work and whatever it is hermit-like teenage boys do in their rooms.
Moriah's been babysitting and playing soccer and missing baseball.
Susannah's been babysitting and playing soccer and softball.
The little girls have been going to Summer Playground two mornings a week and playing in the 'ard' as Abigail calls our tiny little yard. Swinging and bubbles are the top playtime choices.
Jim's running around like a relative madman, getting supplies for the work teams and fielding phone calls and putting his dad on the task of getting our electric hook-up issues solved. He's also trying to squeeze in bike rides with Hurley when possible.
I'm running kids hither and yon, taking walks when I can, biking a little and helping with fundraising for a D.C. trip this spring that the 7/8 grades are taking. I'm also trying to read a bit...but that's still hit and miss.

The girls and I have also been working on what they'll be selling at their Forest Fair booth: recycled juice pouch totes and wallets and duct tape wallets. They're time consuming but fun to make. The totes take a lot of pouches so we're not sure how many we'll have by the time FF rolls around. They're turning out really cute, though, and we think they'll sell.

Yesterday afternoon Moriah decided to make a duct tape hat as well. It was wonky and quirky and kinda cute. Her granny promptly ordered one. Then Samuel wanted one. Susannah made one and brought it to softball, where another friend ordered a 'custom' one that was made and delivered for the amazing price of only $10. Duct tape hats may make an appearance at the booth, too, but we'll have to see.

I'll write more about Forest Fair later. For now, I've got to finish folding clothes for a little adventure Jim and I will be having tomorrow!

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  1. How fun to read all of this! Have a great adventure and enjoy each of your summer days. And post some pix of those duct tape creations :)
    Karen in FL