Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Absolutely bizarre

Standardized testing is an interesting animal, to say the least. And when you have twins, it becomes very interesting when the test results arrive in your mailbox and your twins compare their scores. Loudly.

Most years, Susannah has scored slightly higher on almost every area. Just slightly. But enough for her to think it gives her bragging rights over her sister. Something we nip in the bud as we point out that these tests are only one way of measuring 'what you know'.

This year, I actually thought for a moment that they sent me the scores for the same girl. I had opened Susannah's first since she was the one who gave me the envelopes to open. She had done well, as usual. Then I opened Moriah's results and did a double take. Reading score, the same. Writing score, the same. Math score...yep, the same. Did they mix up the girls and send me the same results twice? A quick glance over the breakdown of scores showed the same scores as well., a score here and there were slightly different. By like one point. Or two.

Over the entire listing of individual scores, the girls differed in less than half the categories. Everything else was the same. Lots of chuckling and grinning, and Moriah happily denied Susannah the temptation to brag about her scores this year.

Bizarre. To me, at least. :o)

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  1. Not so crazy- they both had the same curriculum. And they are twins, after all. You should do a survey with your twin moms and see if they have had similar stuff happen.