Monday, June 14, 2010

A second win

A week ago Friday, Moriah's baseball team got their first win. Against the best team in the league. And I wasn't there to see it (*sniffle*), opting to stay home on what I thought would be an unpleasant night in Anchorage (*sniffle*). Not sure I would have noticed the temperature in the excitement of watching them win.

Well, tonight the family (minus a working Samuel) went out on an unpleasant night in Girdwood and got to see their second win of the season. Yahoo! We all dressed in layers for the occasional sprinkles and the babes even wore their new rainhats Jim found at a garage sale. That I think are called sou'wester rain hats. And that are so big their heads and shoulders disappear underneath them.

Moriah did some pitching and fielding and was also catcher for four innings. The game was close, 5-4, and boasted some great plays and saw some bobbled balls. The gal who was keeping score thought it was 5-5 in the middle of the sixth inning, but apparently one of the runs we counted for the other team wasn't really a run. ?? Whatever the case, we got the win and our kids were pretty excited to have won another game. Especially after Friday night's shut out that was over in about 75 minutes.

The kids have one more 'regular' game on Wednesday night and then the tournament begins on Friday. It's a double elimination. If they win Friday, they play again on Saturday. If they lose on Friday, they play again on Sunday. I'll keep ya posted!

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