Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baseball bragging

Can I just say, non-competitive person that I normally am, that watching Moriah have a really good baseball game* turns this mild-mannered librarian into a screamer. Not the I'm-absolutely-terrified-save-me! type of freak-out scream. It's the fist-pumping, up-and-down jumping kind of excited scream.

And last night, she played really well. Enough to make me scream. And jump. Repeatedly.

The highlights were her two hits.** Her team hadn't done too well in the hitting department and they were already down several runs for her first at-bat. She hit a solid single and then made it to second on her teammate's single. Unfortunately, she was left on base without scoring.

Heading into the bottom of the fourth, her team was scoreless and the other team had 10, which meant the game would be over (10-run rule) if they remained at zero. So, up to bat goes Moriah. Who then hits a great stand-up double. Beeee-yooo-tiful! The next kid also hit a double, which brought Moriah home and kept the game going for another inning and a few more runs by the Girdwood Giants.

Oh, the screaming! We didn't win, but we came alive and got a little rally going and showed that we do know how to play! (Dontcha love how I'm part of the 'we'? Royalty, that's me!)

Moriah also did well as pitcher and catcher. Her pitching was better the first inning she pitched, but she still held the other team to only a few runs. As a catcher, she has always been solid and she can get the ball out to second pretty quickly and accurately. She made a great throw to third at one point that got the kid who was trying to steal. I also think she made an out at home, but the ump didn't agree and called the kid safe ("Get some glasses, ump!" muttered this ramped-up librarian).

As I've shared before, her team has *not* had a winning season. At all. Only two games won, albeit one very satisfying win over the best team in the league. And this last game was the start of the tournament, with a double-elimination structure. They lost this first tourney game last night and will play their second (and, if I'm totally honest {even while resisting my inner pessimist}, likely their last one) tomorrow afternoon.

Play ball!

*I should clarify that I think Moriah has a good game each time she plays. Love love love watching her play. But there are times that she shines a little brighter and last night's game was one of those times.

**Moriah had been in a hitting slump for many games and it was getting her down. Not to mention that she kept being up with 2 outs and totally felt that pressure (and she railed about the injustice of that recurring situation, believe me!). There were a few games that she made the last out each time she got up to bat, which made her one surly, grumpy gal post-game. This game certainly lifted her out of her slump!

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