Friday, June 11, 2010

New look

I've been wanting to find a blog template that better reflects our family's 'chaos'. Which means I was looking for something that included a variety of either 1. people or 2. activities. I found this new template through Blogger's new design options. The template has a lot going on and covers a lot of interests. If you look carefully you'll see music, art, math, science, theater, and book symbols (among other things) so it seemed perfect.

But it's probably a little too busy. And probably a little too monochromatic. I tweaked and played and nudged for about an hour tonight while the girls and two of their friends watched a movie.

The blog will stand as-is for now, to see how it settles. Feel free to leave a comment, positive or negative, to register your opinion. Or better yet, if you know of a template that might work instead, let me know. The search can always continue!


  1. Julie, I am so glad to know you HAVE a blog! I will enjoy following your family's journey in this fun and new way. It was enjoyable to read old posts and "catch up."
    As for the new template, I don't know what the old one was like so it's hard to say. I enjoy all the symbols you chose - obviously to reflect ya'll. It is really busy, so for us ADD-ish type folks it is a little distracting, but the use of the same color is actually quite helpful. So that's my two cents worth! Either way I will enjoy reading it.
    <Karen in FL

  2. I think this would look better if there were less white/busy space. I like the symbols, but when I see it as a whole it looks a little too busy for me.

    Perhaps if it were images on a darker background it would help.

  3. I agree with Jim, it is a little busy but I do like it as a whole, one of the reason I like it, is I can leave a comment without signing up for a account. So many, I want to leave a comment but can't because I am not a member. Your doing good

    Paula from WI