Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The baseball season is now over. The Giants lost last night, 8-0, succumbing to good pitching that they just couldn't hit and which shut them out. Sigh. Some fielding errors (ever present in their games, unfortunately) contributed to the other team's score as well.

Moriah was pretty bummed that the game turned out as it did, but she made a spectacular out at home plate and did well as catcher. She'd play baseball year round, if she could.

I was surprised at my level of competitiveness that came out last night. I sort of became one of 'those' moms who grumbled about strikes called and wanted to take the smug kids down a notch. (I don't like when *that* mom makes an appearance.) Honestly, I think 'that' mom came out partly because of the vibe I got (or perceived, anyway) from the other team. The other team's coach was a nitpicker and questioned calls and was kinda obnoxious.

Now, by obnoxious I mean he was really competitive. And taking games that seriously is just not a typical thing for Girdwood teams. Don't get me wrong, our kids always play to win and give it their all. But we are fairly cognizant of the fact that our teams (minor, major and junior) are not always as 'good' as the other teams (teams that draw from a larger pool of Anchorage kids with coaches that can hand-pick good pitchers, catchers, etc) and so that colors how we approach games.

We tend to be more relaxed and roll with the punches and celebrate the things we did well and try to work on the things that can be improved. But I think after Sunday's win, the majors kids wanted more. They wanted another game. So did I.

Welcome to the real world of Little League?

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