Sunday, January 10, 2010

To distract you from the lack of a Christmas post,

I thought I'd share a couple more toddler-speakisms.

I mentioned before that Bethany began using 'four minutes' as a means of marking immediate time. Now she's using 'four weeks ago' as a measure of past. And she'll say "earlier I was a baby, when I wore a diaper". Or "earlier, four weeks ago" such and such happened.

Bethany also had a special word for the new toothpaste I purchased a few weeks back (four weeks ago, perhaps?). She calls it 'simpy'. As in, "that toothpaste is simpy, I don't like it". Susannah thinks she might mean 'minty'...what do you think?

And finally, one from Abigail. She has a special place in her heart for a special someone. No, none of her immediate family members. It's 'Seeping Booty'. (do you know who that is?) Not sure if I should be amused or a little grossed out.

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