Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day with Susannah

Susannah and I wore ourselves out yesterday with her 'big' Christmas present:  a 'shopping spree' with Mom.  We went out to Kohl's, where Susannah surprised herself by trying on and liking a sweater she would have normally passed by and pairing it with a cute ruffly tank top.  Susannah found some cute jewelry to accessorize the new tops, too.

After a late lunch at Subway, where Susannah had one of *the* best sandwiches she's ever had, we hit Target.  Susannah found another shirt, a cheap pair of velour lounge pants and a pair of flats, adding to her fashion stash.

The next stop was the Dimond Mall.  We hit Aerie, Forever 21, Old Navy, DQ/Orange Julius, Auntie Anne's and the Calendar Store.  Scored two great things at Forever 21 that has TONS of stuff to look at (and even Mom tried on something).  The calendar store had all calendars 75% off and everything else was 50% off.  I got some Buckyballs for myself for only $15.

She spent her final few bucks at our last stop, Borders, on last year's Newbery winner.

All in all, we had an awesome day of hanging out, fashion suggestions and general togetherness.  Susannah shops sorta like I do, content to wander a bit, meander some, and take her time to look through stacks and racks to find treasures.  We were both pretty tired by the end of the day, though, and spent about 10 hours out and about (including the two hours of driving).

I think I can get used to offering that kind of 'big' present to her every Christmas.  A gift that gives joy to more than just the receiver isn't so bad!

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  1. Had no idea what a Buckball was until you wrote about it! I am so happy that you had a wonderful day with your Susannah. I love shopping with my girls and it is even more fun now that they are adults. Like the new look to your blog too!