Monday, January 3, 2011

Reality show?

Samuel posed an interesting idea tonight:  a reality show called Dinner with the Doepkens.  This was caused by the chaotic cacophony that came about after the core consumption of our comestibles was complete.  (*snort* like my use of alliteration?)

Anyway!  Jim made us a scrumptious meal of turkey, mashed potatoes and veggies tonight and the five older Doepkens had thoroughly enjoyed it.  Especially the mashed potatoes, which were made with garlic salt (or just garlic?), cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese.  Hearty and thick, with chunks of potato....  sigh.  *licks chops*

Yes, yes, back to the story.  We were trying to coax the little girls to eat more dinner and it began to get progressively noisier after that.

Perhaps Samuel's impression of a pterodactyl began the noise-fest.  Squawking in Abigail's face, raising his arms in a 'wing-like' manner.  Then snatching Bethany from her chair and airlifting her to the couch, pterodactyl-ing the entire way.

Perhaps describing the loud noises a student of mine makes just encouraged Jim to attempt and successfully emulate said noises.  Very successfully.  Gleefully so.

Perhaps the little girls thought adding their voices to the din would create some sort of harmony.  They are certainly noisy enough on their own most days.

Perhaps Susannah was feeling left out and just had to read me a passage of a book she was engrossed in, having to speak louder and louder over her little sisters' squeals and squeaks.

In any case, the noise level made it near impossible to make (or hear) rational, calm conversation and that is when Samuel made the reality show comment.

Dinner with the Doepkens.  Has a catchy ring to it.  But would anyone dare?

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  1. I say yes! What fun memories that you are making!