Thursday, January 6, 2011

More dinner time fun

And you didn't think that was possible, after my last post, did you?  We-ell, let me tell you that dinner is seldom boring at our house.  And almost never quiet.

Tonight's loudest entertainment came from the esteemed father of the household, who made interesting noises and faces with his dinner glass.  He somehow inserted his lower jaw into the glass, creating suction with this mouth and a rather undignified-sounding noise along with it.  The process was something like this:  insert chin and mouth, pull down glass to create noise while making a weird face, pop the glass off his face and begin the whole thing again.  It sure made the little girls giggle (and me, too).

Before and in between all of this glorious noise, Abigail was busy consigning 'titles' upon her big sisters.  Moriah was a princess and Susannah was a...rabbit.  ??  Then, Abigail further shared what she thought about her sisters.  Moriah was awesome and Susannah was...stinky.  Yep.  Stinky.  I have to say that I beg to differ because I don't find Susannah stinky.  Moriah is indeed awesome and Abigail declared Daddy, Mommy and Bethany awesome as well, smart girl.  Poor defenseless Bubby was at work, but Abigail eventually pulled him into the conversation and pronounced him as part of the Stinky club (and yeah, he's a teen-aged boy...she wasn't too far off the mark some days, to be honest). 

Anyone send in the Dinner with the Doepkens pilot idea to TLC yet?

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