Sunday, March 20, 2011


The kids and I now have competition for Jim's attention.  Possibly for his affection.  Actually, I'm thinking that even Hurley-dog might have to worry. 

It came in such an unsuspecting little box, looking so innocent, so generic.  With very little fanfare, it arrived while we were all away from home.  Maybe that was the plan all along?  Sneak in, under the radar, and make its move.

Of course Jim was far away when it arrived.  This new addition that he had sought after and dreamed about and squirreled money away for.  I was cheeky enough to tease Jim by asking to play with this newcomer, never intending on usurping Jim's place as the first to establish a relationship with it.  But I confess I did enjoy his somewhat anxious "I'd rather you didn't" response. 

And now, Jim is fully engaged in acquainting himself with his new friend.  In full-on grin-and-discovery mode.  He's been home a little over an hour and I feel like chopped liver.  Or something. 

I know, soon, I'll come to accept this new addition to our family.  Maybe even get to know it a little.  If Jim will introduce me.  We'll see about that one. 

Welcome home, iPad.

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