Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I 'cut' Abigail's hair once.  A while ago.  And only because her hair was growing straight down into her face and you couldn't see what a cutie she was.  So I did what any nervous-to-be-wielding-scissors-close-to-a-toddler's-face mom would do.  I grabbed her hair, lifted it straight up away from head and face, and cut.  Hey, it worked well enough.  I could see her eyes afterwards.

But since then, Abigail's hair has grown with the exception of the small snip of 'bangs' she gave herself about a year ago.  Bethany has never had a hair cut that I recall, although my brain seems to be recalling at least a desire to rid her of her baby mullet.  I'm not sure I did anything about it, though.

Fast forward to about two months ago, when Abigail began asking for a 'haircut like Maile's'.  The style in question was a bob, and a very cute one at that.  Considering what a nightmare it could be to brush her long hair, the prospect of a short hair style was definitely appealing.  But there was a small part of me that resisted, mostly because (if I am to be perfectly honest here) I coveted Abigail's hair.  A little.  Okay, a lot.  Her silky, shiny, straight blond hair was right out of my curly-haired daydreams.   Not only was I reluctant to cut that beautiful hair, but I also was reluctant to tote the little girls to Anchorage to get a haircut.  Not my idea of fun on a Saturday. 

Then a friend told me about a gal who comes to your house and cuts hair.  For a very reasonable price.  Okay...this may just work!  Especially since Bethany and Moriah both started making requests for haircuts as well.

She came to my house with only a few days advance notice (waaaaay better than the gal who cuts used to cut my hair in Anchorage, who has a waiting list at least a month long) and quickly got to business.  In no time at all, Abigail, Bethany and Moriah were shiny and shorn and her bill was only $30.  For a haircut house call!

The results were totally worth it and totally adorable.   I must say that I learned a new lesson that day:  put newspaper or another something on the ground to catch hair.  Otherwise it's a bear to clean up.  (the price of doing business with someone who doesn't have an official place of business...cleaning up your own hair)

Abigail's first snip
Bethany's first snip



Their new 'dos make them look like real little girls now, not just preschoolers.
Eek!  Where does the time go?

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