Monday, August 10, 2009

Moriah's new toy

Moriah has asked for a skateboard for a long time now. A long time. It's not a thing that makes much sense to own when 1. you live on a bumpy gravel road and 2. your parents won't let you go down and 'hang out' at the local skate park. So practical, wet-blanket Mom has said "um, no" each time the request has been made. (Well, the first time was much more gentle, as I explained the above two compelling reasons why a skateboard wouldn't be a wise purchase... then each subsequent request received a firmer denial.)

With all that said, Moriah did end up with a skateboard the other night. An old one from a friend that she got cheap. (she did ask first!) I figured it was okay for her to spend a little of her own money and better understand why we keep saying no (and it was a minor financial hit to learn this 'lesson').

Below are a couple of photos of Moriah and Susannah attempting to make the skateboard roll smoothly on our gravel road. They were pulling each other at first, taking turns being the puller and pullee.

Then they each had a go or two alone, doing pretty well and holding their own. Moriah is the one in the photo below.

But then the whole 'lesson' thing became a little more apparent as Moriah went flying after hitting a fairly small 'pothole' in the road (the dark grey spot in front of the skateboard). She landed a fair distance from the board and had a banged up knee and elbow. I'm just praying no one breaks a wrist (like someone we know...).

Since that little spill, she's been hesitant to skate in the road. Smoother surfaces are calling.

(and please don't tease her about this post...I'll never hear the end of it! ;o) )

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