Thursday, August 6, 2009

Parental visit

My dad and stepmom were visiting this past week. We hadn't seen them since our long vacation two years ago and it was great to have them here. My poor dad had to suffer through high pitched toddler voices and screams (those don't do well with hearing aids, in case you ever wonder) and they both had to suffer through Hurley's occasional attempt at jumping on them (the dog has this thing with jumping onto the back of our warned if you ever want to sit there) But I think they had fun over all.

I had hoped that we could put in some wood flooring while they were here (to replace the yicky carpet under our table, made even more lovely by two little girls and their festive eating habits), but finances dictated that we'd have to wait to do that. Maybe we can do that over Labor Day weekend. That would be a fitting thing to do then, right?

We ended up not doing a whole lot, but had fun doing what we did do. Which was go to town to a movie one day, play at the playground a couple of times, watch Moriah play in a 'scrimmage' baseball game that didn't get too many players come out (but they got to see her pitch and hit!), run some errands that included things my dad wanted to do, find a good laptop deal for Samuel to spend his summer job money on, and we played lots and lots of games: Sequence, Scrabble Slam, Snatch, BS, and the kids sort of learned to play Euchre. I am still rather shocked that Samuel didn't challenge Dad to a game of Risk, but it's true. Guess he didn't want to be owned by his grandfather.

Don't be strangers, Dad and Nancy. We miss you already.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Nancy!

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