Saturday, August 15, 2009

X-C meet

Samuel had his first High School X-C running meet this morning. He only had nine practices under his belt before today and couldn't officially represent his school, but he still ran in the 'community' run and was happy with his time. (No photos...I was stuck in Girdwood because of having a spare tire on the Suburban and Jim was at a meeting in Anchorage this morning.)

I suspect more than a small part of him was glad that he wasn't 'official' today. That meant he couldn't wear the South Anchorage High School X-C uniform. Which meant he didn't have the wear the shirt that is too small for him (they ran out of his size, or so he thought). Which meant he wasn't teased about looking a little like a sausage, squeezed into his too-small shirt (yes, Mom and Dad both had a chuckle when he tried it on for us yesterday).

He found out there's a chance there are actually more shirts in his size, so he will be asking about that on Monday. Let's all hope he's right. Trust me.

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