Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a twin thing?

Turns out that Moriah and Susannah had never spent the entire night apart. For almost 11 years and 10 months. Ever. (and I'm not counting the parts of nights spent in the ER for croup)

Until two nights ago, when they were each invited to sleep over at a friend's house. Different friends, different houses. Apart. Not together as is the usual mode of invitation from their friends.

I was surprised to realize that. Why hadn't it happened before now? Had they even realized that was the case? Did it bother them?

Is it a 'twin thing'? Maybe. Probably.

For many many years, Moriah and Susannah were indistinguishable from each other for just about everyone. They liked the same things (well, it was Belle vs. Ariel in the princess department), had similar temperaments, enjoyed the same activities and looked a lot alike. But I resisted calling them 'the twins' and I never dressed them exactly the same. I tried very hard to help them develop their own personalities when they were younger so that they'd be seen as Moriah or Susannah, not as one of a pair.

Especially since starting school, the girls have forged their own identities and are not seen as 'twins' by most people anymore. But for some reason the 'two for one' deal on friend invites seems to persist.

Friends seem think that the girls are a package deal. Even though over the years I've tried impressing upon friends and parents alike that it's okay (really!) to invite just one of the girls to something. There have been a few friends who will invite just one girl. But only for a little while and never overnight. I think only Susannah was invited to someone's birthday party once. Once.

So even though this first night spent apart might not seem a big deal, it kinda is. And it's one more way that these two girlios can see themselves as individuals.


  1. I could always tell them apart.... :)

  2. You were one of the fortunate few! :)