Sunday, July 26, 2009


The babes had fun finger painting the other day. In typical Abigail vs. Bethany fashion, I noted that the little girls had different approaches in smearing the paint around their papers.

Abigail used her fingers and was very precise in
making her swirls and squiggles.

Bethany used her entire hand and went all in, making large blobs and smooshes (and please note her other hand is quite blue).
Watching them paint reminded me of their very first birthday cakes. Abigail had to be convinced to eat her cake, and even then she only poked at the icing at first. Bethany went for it and grabbed her cake and mashed it joyfully into her mouth.

You'd think that with Bethany being such a full-body eater and painter, she'd also be an all-out crazy girl. But no, she's more timid with being twirled around or new things. Abigail tends to be the one who runs pell mell around and jumps off of things and LOVES to be spun around. So be warned (or whatever the right word is): the X-Games-propensity level of the little girls is relatively inverse to how they eat and paint.

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