Wednesday, July 1, 2009


*grumble* I thought that the little girls had bedtime all squared away. They had been going to bed without much fuss and I was so very grateful. There have been two nights lately that they've been up and playing and being pains. I think it might be because of potty training. *Warning* likely TMI is coming next: they both hold in their bowel movements during the day and I'm wondering if they feel 'off' when they finally settle for the night. I don't know. Sigh. I do know that I'm very ready for them to be in bed at the end of the day and I'm not so patient with them. I sent Jim up tonight...another reason I'm glad he's home. We can share this burden chore parental task!

Jim's folks are here visiting. They came in about 30 minutes after Jim did last night and will be in Girdwood for a month. They'll be with us for about half the time and with the work team that is coming up from their church for the other half. Jim's parents have been great with their involvement with work teams coming up to work on the church. The team coming from their church is highly motivated and pretty skilled and I'm very excited to see how much work gets done while they're all here.

The little girls continue to amuse me with their speech and communication skills. Bethany has become quite the talker and is very clear in her words and inflection. And, as I think I mentioned before, she'll repeat anything you ask her to. Feel free to suggest some funny things and I'll be happy to try them out. Abigail isn't as adept at communicating and there are times you can almost see the wheels turning as she searches for the right word. But right now, my favorite thing Abigail says relates to 'foofushes' and 'foofushin'...can you guess what that is (no, nothing to do with flushing)?

Samuel took a spill on his bike today--got his knee, chin and left hand graveled up and both his hands hurt, in slighty different ways. He'll be sore tomorrow and I'm sure working with a sore right wrist won't be fun when scooping ice cream.

We've had more beautiful days and I'm looking out my window at 10:48, enjoying the lovely still-light night sky. I'm hoping to go on a hike tomorrow with some friends. The weather is supposed to hold. And if it does, then we'll also be putting a coat of sealant on our deck tomorrow. A friend of ours built it late last summer, too late for warm enough weather to seal it. Jim power washed it this afternoon and then power washed it again after Moriah and Susannah tracked grass and dirt on it after playing the sprinkler (yes! it was warm enough today for a run through the sprinkler!). Should be dry enough by tomorrow to get a coat of sealant on it.

I can't believe it's July already. This coming weekend is Girdwood's famous Forest Fair. It's a great three-day fair with food and booths full of handmade items and fun, starting off with a parade (several local organizations and groups walking approximately a half-mile in semi-organized groups). This year Samuel will be walking with The o> Shop float. Wearing an ice cream suit. Really. He had this silly idea as an advertising gimmick and suggested it to his boss. And she bought two ice cream suits. So Samuel is going for the goofy and wearing one of the suits. I'm sure I'll take some photos to share with you all. If you ever want to come visit us, come during Forest Fair. Totally worth the visit.

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