Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PS on the Potty Training Happy Dance

It's getting a little old to see the little girls go to the bathroom constantly to get an m 'n m or two. More than a little, actually. Very.

(yes: "at least they're going!" but: lots of work for mom when they go so often.)

I think the chocolate has to disappear. And soon. Anyone willing to help me with that? *grin*


  1. You're lucky it's only M&M's! LOL When my daughter first went through her potty training week of success the only thing she responded to were presents - Dora dolls specifically. Potty training was more expensive than the diapers it was replacing. :-)

    Eventually I weaned her to a congratulatory "Good Job" or a hug and a dance. Pure luck.

    Good luck!
    (Ps - sorry for never commenting on your blog before, I'm trying to reform from using only my RSS reader)

  2. If I remember my behavior therapy junk correctly, you will want to gradually reduce the reward. You might want to start rewarding based on the product- so that would help you not have to give them so often. You can also start with some every other time- just make sure they know ahead of time what the plan is. They'll still fuss, but not as badly. Have fun!