Thursday, July 9, 2009

subdued celebration

Let's hear three cheers for Abigail, who is essentially potty trained.

Hip hip, hooray!
Hip hip, hooray!
Hip hip, hooray!

She's been dry during most nap times this past week, she's not had an accident while waking for many many days (beyond a couple of ill-fated attempts at cleaning up a poopy pull-up after nap...don't ask), and she can get herself to the toilet quickly when she announces "my potty!". I have even brought her little potty seat with us to the park and today's soccer game so she'd have a 'friendly' place to potty (she's really not a fan of porta-potties). Yes, I dump her potty outside. Away from where anyone would be walking. (please don't tell me it's gross...much better than a wet mess if she can't hold it!).

So why is this celebration subdued? Because Bethany seems determined to NOT potty train. She's had multiple accidents on the floor and furniture (yes, yuck) and seems content to hold it until she can't hold it anymore...then she lets it go wherever she is. Joy. I've decided to keep her in diapers or pull-ups primarily from now on and hope that her sister's example will put enough pressure on her to try again. Sigh.

But hey, Abigail's got it, so we're half-way there! Yay!

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