Sunday, July 19, 2009

The potty thing

No longer a subdued celebration, we can now openly and enthusiastically celebrate the fact that Bethany is using the toilet regularly now. *insert fist pump here* Something seemed to finally click and she's been doing great, even when out for several hours.

I'm not sure what caused the turn-around, but perhaps it was (partly?) my momma-cleverness. Like when I denied her the chance to brush her teeth at the sink 'like a big girl' until she pottied on the toilet (she had to sit on the floor in her room instead, while listening to her sister have fun running water and singing while brushing). Or like when I made a big deal of showing Abigail her brand new cute 'big girl' undies with Elmo, Zoe and a bevy of princesses printed on them (but Bethany had to keep wearing the fluffier 'training' pants).

In any event, she chose the third night of Vacation Bible School to become a toilet rock star and kept me on my toes along with her oft-pottying sister.

They are loving the m 'n ms they get, I am loving not nearly as many messes and the virtual end of diapers as we know them. They still need help while sleeping (although Abigail has gone many nap times and three of the last four nights completely dry!), but I'll take the occasional pull-up or diaper over all day diapers. Oh, yes.

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