Thursday, July 2, 2009

Uh oh...urine trub-bull!

(Pathetic attempt at humor in the title...but it sums up the last hour or so of my and Bethany's lives...check out my little story.)

Picture if you will a small, curly-headed girl perched upon a toilet. She has announced her intention to go potty and you see that her mother is hopeful that this time, maybe, she will actually go potty. Did she, you wonder? No, says her sad mother, she did not.

Then picture that same child starting to have an accident on the rug and then resisting any efforts to place her on one (of three) of the small potties on the floor. You know she's about to go. You can tell she really has to go. You know that if her mother will just make her stay there, she'll eventually go.

Then picture that child's mother get rather frustrated as she tries everything in her arsenal to get that child to go to the bathroom: cajoling, tickling, bribing, physically keeping her on the little potty seat, stroking her back to relax her, distracting, reading. You name it, that desperate mother tried it. And guess what? No luck. Nothing but a few drops and nothing more because that determined little child can hold her potty like nobody's business.

Finally, dear readers, picture that mother taking the determined child upstairs to bed, but withholding the diaper the child so desires. The mother has decided to put the child to bed nekked, wet sheets and blankets be damned. The child is not happy. The child wants a diaper for bedtime. Wants to wear pants to bed, for pity's sake. Nope. The mother can be just as determined as that child.

And you know what? That child decided that she'd rather potty than sleep nekked. Yes!

Although the mother is rather tired and the child is a little wrung out emotionally. This wasn't fun. What is up with her resistance??? We'll see what tomorrow brings. Perhaps the mother has given the child a complex. :o)

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  1. No complex! I think I've told you that Josh literally screamed and yelled to have a pull-up on when we started the nekked thing. (he will appreciate my sharing, I'm sure). We almost caved, we were so sure we were scarring him for life. Nope, he survived, and is fairly normal.