Sunday, January 25, 2009

A me day

I took some friends in to the airport today (they're heading to Hawaii...have fun, guys!) and then took some time to have a 'me day' afterwards. I stopped in at REI and picked up some great sale stuff...for the babies, Susannah and Jim. I went down to the 5th Avenue Mall to visit my good friend Eddie B. (he had nothing of interest today beyond a possible shirt for...Samuel *sniffle*). I hit a few other stores and got...things for the babies.

Then I headed to Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a hanging fruit basket. Found it ('ll free up counter space), a couple other 'house' things and a funny monkey silicone 'mitt' for Moriah the budding cook. I also found a quilt that I'd LOVE for our room, but it's out of the budget for now.

Finally, I turned the car toward the Dimond Mall. Looked around Gotschalks (nada) then headed to Old Navy, where I finally found a couple of things for me! (and some pjs for the babes) My last errand was to a recently relocated hair salon, where I hoped to score some hair stuff on sale (nope).

Didn't get much for me but it was sooooooooooo nice to have a few hours to myself, to shop where I wanted and not have to get groceries (although we're out of 'baby' milk...oops).

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