Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ski program tomorrow

Forgot to post a small prayer request. Tomorrow is our school's first 'ski day' of the year. A little background before writing up the prayer request:

Living in a place with a ski resort right here means our kids are able to ski early and ski often (well, if you can afford the prices and gear). Our school is fortunate enough to have a reduced-fee ski program for six Thursday afternoons each January-March and tomorrow is the first one. The resort has increased the fees this year and made everything one price (there are lesson, rental and lift ticket packages and then variations on those packages). We have our kids' ski gear already which would make buying the lift tickets fairly expensive. So, I finally relented and the girls will be learning how to snowboard. I was a "mean mom" for a couple of years and didn't allow them to try it because we had already spent enough money on gear (and a pass last year) and didn't want to throw more money into the mountain sports pot. to the prayer request (yes, I know, finally!). Since everything was the same (higher!) price this year, it made way more sense to go ahead and let the girls do the rentals and lessons for snowboarding. They are pretty excited, but I am a little nervous. I'm sure they'll do fine, but I'd appreciate prayers for their safety anyhow. Thank you!

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