Friday, January 30, 2009


Moriah came home rather excited about snowboarding. Susannah had a good time, too, but didn't enjoy the instructor as much. The girls learned a lot about the basics of being square with the board and keeping your shoulders centered over the board. Apparently Susannah kept twisting too much. When I asked which part (shoulder? hips? torso?) she said, um all of it. Moriah's big deal is that she got the hang of a toe to heel turn (or something like that) fairly quickly. Both are ready for next week's lesson and the possibility of going up Chair 3, which will be much steeper than the 'magic carpet'.

I wanted to get pictures of them...this, the first day of their descent into becoming 'boarders'. (you do know that skiers and boarders are different creatures, right?) But, I was with babies and Jim was skiing with another group, so no photos exist. Sigh. Bad Mommy. Maybe I'll go to the hill next week with my camera and try to embarrass them then.

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