Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My new president

I debated about posting this because I don't want anyone to feel I have an 'agenda' on this blog (beyond how fantastic my family is, of course). But I finally decided to do it anyway.

Today was an amazing day for me. I voted for Barack Obama and was thrilled when he won. But I wasn't prepared for how good his inauguration day would feel. I got up early so I didn't have to be driving to work during Obama's speech. I rearranged the library so classes could come view some inauguration streaming video. I kept the inauguration on as much as possible because I wanted to drink in as much as I could while it was actually happening, even though I am four time zones away from DC.

As I drove home from Anchorage tonight, I reflected on my enthusiasm and came to realize that I was more than excited about President Obama. I was also incredibly relieved that President Bush was now former President Bush. I hadn't realized how very sad and disappointed I was about and in our former president. I hadn't realized that I was carrying a burden that was lifted today while watching the festivities.

I know Obama will make mistakes. I know he has a huge learning curve and a huge amount of problems to tackle. But I also know that he seems genuine in his desire to unite this country. That he seems to really want us to work for each other, not just for ourselves. And I think that we will see examples of fulfilling Jesus' social justice mandates through his policies.

So that's my little Inauguration Day musing. Peace!

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  1. I watched as much as I could also. I was more impressed by the masses of people and the fact that there were no arrests! I have 4 friends who were in Washington for the event and their tales are amazing. I've watched lots of inaugurations, and I have to admit that except for the hat Ms. Franklin wore and the poetry I didn't understand (I need to see a hard copy), it was an impressive day. It was interesting to see how happy GW looked as he left Washington and I think he honestly he felt he did the best he could. Now, we have to get everyone praying that Obama can accomplish many of the things he has set out to do. I was very upset when I heard Rush Limbaugh quotes as saying he "hoped he would fail." That kind of attitude will get us no where.