Sunday, January 25, 2009

Water babies, sorta

We took the babes to the resort's pool last night. Moriah and Susannah have been anxious to get them in the water. Plus, we have these really cute rasher suits with 'ruffle bum' bottoms that they'd never worn, so it was time. We kept calling it a 'big bath', hoping they'd be willing to give it a try.

The pool was pretty busy and noisy, which did NOT set well with Bethany who wouldn't even take off her coat at first. Abigail was fairly game but freaked out a little when her feet hit the water. She let me take her around and even sat on the top step for a while, splashing and giggling. Bethany did the "death-grip-on-Mommy-legs-held-way-out-trying-hard- not-to-touch-the-water" position in my arms. Eventually she put her feet in but didn't last long. We have a lovely photo of her crying and pointing to the side of the pool.

Both little girls ended up cuddled up in towels, sitting on a bench, watching Daddy and their three older siblings swim. They did a lot of pointing and giggling at the swimmers. Susannah got Abigail back in for another short dip and some cute video, which got Bethany in for about three seconds (and another high quality crying, pointing picture I might add).

Verdict: Abigail will probably go in again without much hesitation. Bethany will not. Unless her sister is in the pool, laughing and splashing and then for only a moment.

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