Friday, January 23, 2009

Reading and baby bits

I have been really busy the last couple of days with a class and an after school party for Battle of the Books kids (fun reading program in our state). So busy that I haven't even seen much of the little girls. *pout*

Speaking of Battle of the Books (or BoB), Moriah and Susannah are doing the program again this year. Last year both girls were on a successful 3/4 grade level team that tied for second across the state. This year they are part of the 5/6 grade level (I'm the coach) and have 14 books to read for the upcoming competition. There are competitions in (I think) all Alaska school districts and then a state competition. At the actual Battle, they'll be part of a three-person team and will answer 48 questions (four rounds of 12 questions each) that will all start with "In which book...". The list is pretty good this year and they've found some new authors that they enjoy. The Battle is on February 10 so we have a bit longer to get in as much reading and practicing as possible.

Samuel is participating on the middle school team this year, too, and will have his competition on February 11. Several good books on his list, too, but a couple of 'eh' titles that the kids aren't enthused about. Samuel competed from grades 3-6 and made it to the state competition his first year and did well the other years. The 7/8 level reads 12 books and is much smaller in number in terms of schools and teams. I'm not familiar with how the middle school BoB works, and I'll be curious to see the differences.

Jim called while I was at the BoB 'party' and told me that Bethany had gotten out of her crib. Uh oh. A few months ahead of when we expected/planned. I sure hope it's not a new trick that she'll do each nap time. Jim and I figure we don't have to worry so much overnight because of her club foot brace (she'd have to swing both legs up over the side to get out), but this does mean we have to re-examine our timeline to swap Samuel's and the babies' rooms. Samuel...time to start packing!

One other tidbit to share: Tonight I read _Owl Babies_ to the little girls before bed. It is one of my favorite books and has a repeating line from the youngest owl baby Bill who says "I want my mommy!" I had moved on to reading _Are You My Mother?_ when I heard Abigail murmur some words and ended with "my mommy". How sweet! She was 'reading' the book as she said this and got all smiley when I noticed what she said.

Looks like my kids are librarian kids, huh? No choice but to love books!

I'm looking forward to a relatively quiet Saturday. We had an extended break from school late last week because of 3 snow days for icy conditions and had Martin Luther King Jr. day off on's been a short week after a 'six-day' weekend but it felt longer. I'm pretty tired. Weird.

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