Thursday, June 25, 2009

Chain reaction

I may get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. Or at least earlier than my bedtime last night, which was 2:45 am or so.

Which was because of five teenage boys watching Independence Day until the wee hours of the morning.

Which was because I got home after 11:00 pm with the movie and they couldn't start watching until late (and it's a long movie!).

Which was because I had to run my errands to Blockbuster and the gas station after Moriah's last baseball game of the season that took forever (they lost this one), as well as adding a stop at McDonald's to buy fast food junk for a very late dinner.

Which was because we were running late to the game and I was counting on a 'snack shack' at the baseball field for hot dogs for dinner and there was no such shack around.

Which was because I had to give Abigail a quick bath after she attempted to change her own poopy diaper. For the second time that day. (yes, gross)

Which was because I let the babes 'play' a little in their room after they woke up from their nap so that I could get a birthday cake made and put into the oven for Samuel's party....

Which leads me back to my late bedtime last night. Ta da!

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