Monday, June 22, 2009

More on the Frosts

Recently someone asked me if the Frosts' visit went too long, since Julie and the boys were here just a hair over two weeks. My reply was "No!" And in truth, that is really how I feel. What a blessing it is, to know that out there (too far away, of course!) we have such dear friends. Friends who overlook mess and fairly cramped housing. Friends who willingly change poopy diapers and bathe babies. Friends who help strip wallpaper. Friends who seek out a special beer and then completely appreciate it with you. Friends who believe in the love of Christ and teach their children the same.

There is simply too much to share about their time here, so I thought I'd blog about a couple of things we did together. Just know that I am thankful for so many good memories to tide us over until we can be together again.

During their visit we went down to Seward and had a lovely day. We hit the Sealife Center, had a picnic and shopped a bit. We wanted Joshua and Jonah to see at least a little bit of the state beyond Girdwood/Anchorage. Julie kept telling the boys to look at the scenery and not their electronics as we drove and we did see some beautiful sights (of course). Julie was determined to see moose or bear but we didn't see anything on the way down.

On the way home, Julie and I took our time driving back, so we could pop out and take some photos. We were hoping babies would nap and they sort of did. A little. We were probably half-way through the Pass when we noticed our other car in a pull-out. The Honda got a flat tire, which meant we'd be cutting it close for Moriah's baseball game. Jim took off in the Suburban with Moriah and some of the kids, and the other half of us had a very slow drive the rest of the way home. Thankfully Moriah made it back to Girdwood in time for her baseball game. Chuck ended up being home plate ump, too. It was a long but good day. And! Julie saw a moose near Girdwood! Here are a couple of highlight photos:

Moriah, Susannah and Jonah considering touching squishy stuff.

Daddy and the little girls 'praying' like the otter.

Everyone trying to weigh as much as a bull stellar sea lion (I think).

Joshua had expressed a very strong desire to hike mountains, and during his trip he hiked Flattop once and Alyeska twice. Julie and I took (almost) all the kids for that second hike up Alyeska (Samuel had to work). We had beautiful weather to wind our way up the mountain, hiking up the 'Ewok' trail that begins near our house for the first leg. The Ewok trail goes through trees and over roots and alongside creeks and pretty much straight up. Julie and I were both a little winded as we wound our way up, but we made sure to hide that fact from Joshua, who was head sergeant and forever urging us faster.

We made it to the radio tower and stopped at the first chair we saw. Perfect spot for a photo!

Our first water break.

We made our way along the trail, stopping for frequent water breaks and for one long snack break. I even let Hurley off his leash for a bit and he stayed with us. Our little squirrelly dog loved running through the snow that was left near the top. He also loved running at and over Jonah, who had lay down to make a snow angel. Here are a couple more photos that captured the day:

One of the many beautiful vistas along the hike.

Jonah recovering from Hurley's drive by (run by?). Note Hurley's body position--he's booking it!

The visit really did go too fast. They all fit perfectly into our routines and rituals (weeellll... except for our son who's a night owl sharing his small room with their sons who go to bed much earlier...when they aren't in Alaska during the summer when it doesn't get light till really late), and pitched in and hung out and made us laugh and, for a glorious time, completed a special connection that is usually separated by too many miles.


  1. Thank you, Julie. :) Too many miles, way too many. Chuck

  2. No fair- you made me cry! TOOOOOOOOOOOO many miles!