Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting the hang of it

I've tried naked. I've tried m 'n ms. I've tried cajoling. I've tried continuous reminders. I've tried pull-ups. Now it's underwear. Yes, I'm talking about potty training.

First came just making them go naked. And I found out that the little girls can 'hold it' for a while. At least until the diapers were put on for naps and bed. Especially Bethany. Abigail finally had a couple of reluctant successes, but then went a couple of days of resisting anything. It was also hard to keep that up with our schedule this week of baseball and Little Bears and other stuff.

The m 'n m idea was hatched after realizing how big a sweet tooth the babes didn't work at first, but I sure think it's got Abigail motivated now. The cajoling and constant reminders fell on deaf ears. Not much interest in trying for the sake of trying. The pull-ups don't seem to work that well since they know they can potty in them.

Then I figured I'd try putting training panties on them and that seems to be doing the trick. Kinda. Maybe. Abigail has had several successes today and has 'earned' a lot of chocolate. In fact, I think she's not completely emptying her bladder so she can get more chocolate. While we were outside after dinner, she went four times. Yes, four. Then she went once more when we came in (barely anything...she got one m 'n m for that one).

Bethany finally went on the big potty tonight right before dinner. What rejoicing was heard in the Doepken house! She even wanted back down out of her high chair so she could dance a little more. She also went once more right before bed. On the flip side, she also pottied in four pairs of the training pants, so not a 100% successful day. The last one was outside, at least, so minimal clean up.

I'm very hopeful that we'll be on the other side of diapers relatively soon. Maybe not overnight, but during the day.

A mom can dream, right?

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  1. Hey! You forgot the key on the naked part-lots of apple juice (or milk). You gotta get them really full so they can't hold it- that's what worked for Josh. Lots of drink!