Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nail biter

Moriah's team had their penultimate baseball game of the season tonight. The rainy weather let up earlier today, thankfully, and we had a decent (and chilly) evening. Following is a somewhat biased account of the game: seen through proud-mom-of-Moriah glasses.

The first three innings were close. Moriah was the second pitcher and was really 'on' tonight, keeping them to only two runs. She pitched just a bit of the fourth inning before she maxed out her pitch count. By the end of the fourth inning, after their pitcher had walked in five runs, we were ahead 12-5 and the kids were really excited. We all thought we had won for sure because of the 'five run rule' the league has in place. But, alas, when we started the last inning I learned that there was no run limit for the last inning. The game could go on and on. Which meant that we might lose because of pitching. Again.

I was keeping score and it was pretty painful to color in the little diamonds each time a batter was walked home. Moriah made a great double play when she caught a pop fly and then tagged the runner out at first who had started for second. She also helped make the third out when the pitcher threw the runner out at first. By the time all those outs were finally gotten, the other team had amassed ten runs. On walks. Sigh.

We got our last at bat and the score was 15-12. Where our pitching had gotten more shaky, it appeared this team had saved one of its better pitchers for this last part of the game. The Grizzlies had two outs within the first three batters and it didn't look that great. But, after Moriah struck out (truly, that third strike was at her ankles...not a good call), we got a break and ended up with kids on base from walks and a couple of good hits. We had tied the game when a strong hitter came to bat. Talk about stress...after a couple of full counts and tension before his at-bat, every Girdwood fan was on the edge of their seats. What a thrill went through all of us when he hit a triple that won the game. Whoo hoo! (here I will admit to praying for a win...selfish? Yes. Surprising? no!)

The win was very sweet after so many losses. In my head I had already credited them with a win after the fourth inning...they played so well and had every reason to be proud of themselves. Tomorrow night is the last game of the season for them. I know Moriah will miss the games and practices and team spirit. And I know Jim and I will miss seeing her play. Till next year.

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