Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lil' frustrated

I dropped my wedding ring a while back and watched it roll under my bed. I fished around for a good twenty minutes (at least) right after I dropped it, fully expecting to find it. Well, I didn't. I've felt around for it twice more since then, without success. Today, I mucked out everything that was under our bed and then Susannah helped me lift my mattresses off the bed frame so I could finally really look for it. Guess what? It's not under the bed! I watched it roll under the bed. Watched it roll. Really. Where is it??? (and to anyone wondering...Jim's side was way messier than mine. truly.)

I told Jim about it and he chided me for losing the ring (after initially pleading ignorance about knowing it was missing...I know I told him about it!). This is the man who regularly misplaces his watch with his watch band threaded through his wedding ring. Regularly. His defense is that he always finds it. But shouldn't I get at least a little slack, a little understanding, a little sympathy for this one time loss/misplacement compared to his (dare I say) habit of misplacing his? In almost 18 years of marriage? Thank you. I thought so. (*grin*)


  1. I don't know Julie--is this my mom's ring? Sure hope you find it. B

  2. Look in the stuff you mucked out- it may have bounced after rolling! I hope you find it- and, I thought I taught you better....everything is Jim's fault! Repeat after me...everything is Jim's fault, everything is Jim's fault...