Monday, June 15, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

I realized I never did post about our great get-away over Memorial Day weekend up to Big Beaver Lake near Houston. First thing to note is this: we never go away for Memorial Day weekend. Just doesn't happen. Basically, going somewhere over a weekend isn't that easy when someone in the family is a pastor.

The invitation was initially cooked up between Moriah and one of her buddies at school, who wanted Moriah and Susannah to come out to his family's lake cabin. Then I was told by Moriah that the whole family was invited (which I was initially skeptical of...invitations are another thing that almost never happen...remember, there are seven of us). Sure enough, the whole family--and Hurley--was invited! Wow.

Our gracious hostess let us figure out when it might work to go out to their cabin and we thought leaving shortly after church on Sunday and coming home on Monday would work out. She generously offered to let the three older kids stay an extra night, coming back with her on Tuesday. That went over very well with those three, who had even more fun.

We had an amazing time. The cabin and its bunk house were comfy and fit all of us (with some away-from-home sleeping issues for the little girls, but it was all okay). The weather was gorgeous and sunny. We went out on the lake after dinner and the older kids swam in c-c-c-c-cold water.

We also played badminton, the babies dug in sand and climbed a swing set and dumped water out of an old sandbox, Hurley and their dog ran and ran and ran and ran together, we kayaked and paddle-boated, we (I) laid in the sun and read, we ate great food, we listened to Samuel's interesting taste in music, the older kids watched a movie and we collapsed, exhausted, into bed.

And all of that was within one 24-hour span. Really. We packed that much fun into a day. Amazing.

Makes me want to own a lake cabin. :o)

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