Friday, June 19, 2009

Empty threat?

So I caution you all to 'watch out' once I get back into the blogging swing of things and then don't deliver. Empty threat indeed. I haven't really bombarded you yet with everything that I'd like to. It's like my mind goes blank and I can't remember it all. Duh. I figured tonight I'll do a little bit of little girl updating. How about that? ;)

The babies saw their first in-the-theater movie today. Monsters Vs. Aliens was playing at our cheap theater and I the kids really wanted to go see it. I took a chance that the babes could handle a 94 minute movie (after asking advice from all my facebook friends, of course). I am happy to report that they 'watched' the movie with minimal wiggling and very little noise that would disturb anyone else. Not that I'm in a hurry to do this again anytime soon, but it was a success.

The cheapy theater is connected to a restaurant so you can order delicious food to eat while watching your movie and I figured we could eat dinner while at the movie. Now, the delicious food is not cheap. But the food is good and the movie is cheap, so it all balances out. Especially my salad, which balanced on Abigail's lap while she sat on my lap as I ate with my left hand (yes, I had salad all over my shirt by the time the lights came up).

Other recent little girl highlights (besides the 'whys' of an earlier post) include Bethany's 'opera' singing and Abigail's comedic faces. Bethany enjoys singing...what she sings we're never quite sure, especially the times that she's got this semi-vibrato going on as she sings her own tune. I've got to try to get it on video but haven't reacted fast enough so far. Abigail seems to have a knack for knowing how to make us laugh with a goofy face. Just tonight I called out her name as we were driving home and she gave me this weird squinty face and then giggled. Life is so not boring at our house. Or quiet.

Bedtime and naptime have been quite challenging since they started sleeping in toddler beds, but that seems to be settling down too. I'd really love it if those two could better handle occasional late bedtimes that happen so much more during Alaskan summers. It's just so light out so late that we end up doing everything late, including their bedtimes. They have had some later bedtimes that got wildly late because of their inability to settle when overtired and it's driven me a little nuts. At least Abigail has stopped fighting about staying in bed. Her tendency to taunt me with sticking her leg out of bed and putting a toe onto the floor has slowed down considerably. Thankfully. I don't enjoy the toddler tug-of-war with boundaries, but when the kid finally gets that you mean business and won't give up, what a difference it makes!

Guess that's about it. I've been working on another post about our visit with the Frosts, so that'll come up next when I get a little more time.

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