Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baseball fever

Moriah had a great game tonight. She pitched first and struck out three out of the first five batters. She struck out two in the second inning as well. Woot! Moriah also got a single in the third inning and had an RBI.

Her whole team did well and a couple of kids got excellent hits--one was an in-field home run and the other was a great triple. It was a very lopsided game (24-2). The other team's pitchers weren't that accurate and most of their runs were brought in because of the many many walks. But in the third inning our kids finally got a few good shots and gave the other team something to field.

I kept the stats again and learned a couple of new abbreviations: HBP and F1. Know what those mean? Hit By Pitch and Fly out caught by the pitcher. Good job if you knew that!

Tomorrow is another game, in Anchorage. Then Thursday back in Girdwood. I think Moriah has to wait to pitch until Thursday because of the league's rules about number of pitches thrown and resting the kids' arms. I'm sure she'll be anxious to get back on the mound.

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