Monday, May 18, 2009

This and that

I have video of Moriah and Susannah playing at their piano recital on Friday night. Both are over 90 seconds, I think, and I am not sure if I can upload videos that long here...gotta do some research before attempting that. Anyway...both girls did really well and played beautifully. I'll have to ask them what they played (I just can't remember right now) and edit it in later. Moriah played blank and Susannah played blank.

Three more days of school for the kids, four for me. Then we hit the ground running on our room switcharoo. Move Samuel out of his room and all the way downstairs (as much stuff as we can), paint his (old) room a lovely soft yellow, move babies upstairs into their new room, paint the babies' (old) room some as-yet-to-be-determined-shade-of-blue and move Samuel into his new room. All of this before our best friends come on the night of the 28th. It'll be a busy week!

Oh! Samuel is now employed. Well, almost. As of the 28th he will be, when he turns 14. He'll be working at The o> Shop (remember, the word 'Ice Cream' is represented by an ice cream cone) and will be strengthening his wrist muscles and developing basic barista skills (or would he be a baristo?). The girls are already wondering if there's a family discount (no) and Jim is angling to get Samuel to make him lattes at home (maybe).

Moriah has her second game tomorrow night. She's not sure she'll be pitching because she said she didn't do well at practice today. Too many coaches giving too many tips, I think, and she's now a little confused. We'll see.

Random baby cuteness:
Abigail was naked from the waist down at naptime today. I kept hearing playful sounds after laying them down for nap so I went to check on them. She pulled her blanket aside a little and there was her bare bum. Thankfully she consented to put the diaper back on. Could have been messy otherwise (we experienced that with Samuel...he'd probably like it if you asked him about it someday. really!). But she did keep her pants off. She's the kid who likes less clothes. Maybe she'll be a streaker someday.

Bethany LOVES to swing. LOVES it. The other day while at Little Bears, the little kids had gone to the ball field to play and then walked over to the playground. The entire walk over Bethany was beside herself, almost chanting the same words over and over. Blue swing. Blue swing. Blue swing. (I'm guessing it really sounded more like bwoo fwing. bwoo fwing. bwoo fwing.) Her caregiver wasn't quite sure what she was all riled up about because she wasn't sure if she understood Bethany correctly...until they got to the toddler area and Bethany raced over to the blue swing, making sure to have the first turn.

Today we went out and played in our tiny little yard (where the snow is all melted!). The babes had a blast blowing bubbles. And are fairly good at it. Bethany got the hang of blowing long enough to get several bubbles to come out of the wand. Abigail was more of a spitter, but did get some bubbles to appear. Bethany is showing more and more that she may be a leftie, holding the wand in her left hand, dipping it alllllll the way into the bottle (gotta get those fingertips soapy too!) and then trailing bubble solution over her right arm as she blew the bubbles. Lots of solution. All over her arm. A slimy, soapy mess. Perfect on a warm (almost) summer day. :)

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