Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Glorious sun

Oh, my, have we had a couple of beautiful weeks. Sunny, mid-50s to low-60s and gorgeous. No one being in Girdwood on days like this would ever want to live anywhere else, I promise you.

The little girls have (re)discovered our little swing and have spent lots of time in it lately. Abigail has enjoyed digging in and sweeping the small pile of snow left in our yard (it is almost gone, though!!). Bethany seems rather addicted to the swing, preferring that to everything else. She sat in it for a good 20 minutes last night, happily swinging and waiting patiently for another push.

I scored an outdoor toy at the recent community rummage sale--it is the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home that I seriously considered buying them for Christmas (until Toys'RUs increased the price by $10...bah humbug). It's not in perfect shape by any means--lost pieces, one broken part--but it'll be great for a porch toy and it was a great price...free! No one else had bought it by the end of the sale so I was able to take it home.

I sat outside for a couple of hours today, in the sun, enjoying a new book (Pope Joan, if you must know...really good historical fiction). It took a bit for the little girls to settle for nap for some reason; I had to keep going in to manage their issues (grrrrrr). But I finally got my uninterrupted reading time and a little sun on my arms! Woot!

I could get very used to this. Oh, yes.

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