Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick news and important news

We've been busy with baseball and the end of school and I've also debated about posting about something regarding Samuel (nothing bad, don't worry), so I haven't written anything new lately. I'll work on that soon, I promise!

The short story on baseball is that Moriah's team has lost their last two games. sniffle. More on those later.

The short story on Samuel is that he was overlooked for an award yesterday that made us all kinda sad. sniffle. More on that later, too.

Now, onto the really important thing: my mom is having knee replacement surgery in a few short hours...3:30 AK time to be exact. So I wanted to give her a shout out (this is my 100th post, after all...what better subject than my mommy?!).

Love you Mom! I'm praying for a surgery that gives you more mobility! I'm praying for a skilled doctor, skilled nurses, minimal pain and fast recovery (and no drainage tubes left in there anywhere!).

May your knew knee be everything you kneed it to be!

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