Tuesday, May 5, 2009

blog ponderings

When I started this blog, it really was to inform family and friends about our little family. Since I started writing and found I enjoy blogging, I've often wondered how many folks are actually reading and if they enjoy what they read. My mom has given me sweet verbal feedback (thanks, Mom) and my mother-in-law has commented several times (thanks, Betsy), but otherwise I don't have much idea what anyone thinks (and thanks to those who have left comments!).

I briefly considered putting a counter on this site...but what if it showed only 1 person every other day? What if the traffic on this witty, charming blog about my witty, charming family was almost non-existent? Could my fragile psyche handle that?

Then I started wondering why I was worrying about blog traffic and comments. It's most likely because I've gotten pulled into reading several popular family blogs and I'm just conceited enough to want some of the same popularity. I'm not sure I'm up for the extra stuff those blogs often do like the Not Me Mondays or Thankful Thursdays. They are fun and I really enjoy reading the posts...but do I have much to offer in that capacity? Would anyone else care what I have to say? Would it change the tenor of the blog too much? Is this post too far outside my original intent? Am I asking too many questions?

The Blogosphere has become a remarkable place, where you can stumble across blogs covering myriad subjects. I tend toward library or family-oriented ones. I have learned internet tricks, I have found some neat online lesson ideas, I have laughed about the antics of kids who will never play with mine, I have prayed for sick children who are facing horrible odds, and I have cried over tragic losses and family struggles of people I'll never meet face-to-face.

The connection I have felt has been surprising and not a little curious. And it makes me wonder if I've touched anyone in the same kind of way. Has anyone stumbled on this little blog and gotten an unexpected chuckle? Has anyone read an post and thought "oh yeah, that sounds familiar"? I hope so. That isn't my reason for blogging, but it would be a nice byproduct of having a blog. That unexpected connection that might blossom into something more. The possibilities are intriguing.


  1. I think your blog is GREAT, Julie! You come across as extremely "real"...it isn't all peaches and cream in life and you write about the "peaches and cream" along with the other "stuff" that goes on. I appreciate reading what you write. And yes...I do often get a chuckle out of something you write.
    Also, I like google analytics for tracking traffic on my blog. They email me a report every week. It's quite interesting. Some weeks...LOTS of hits(from all over the world) ...some weeks...very few. Always interesting to see who is visiting from where!

  2. The great thing about a blog is you can do anything you want with it and change it anytime you want as well. I like what you are doing so far, but I'll keep reading even if you decide to go a different direction. I use our blog as an online baby book of sorts, so far flung family can keep up with the girls antics on an occasional basis. Others use it as on online diary of sorts. Do what feels right to you and if that changes, then let your blog change with you.