Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I haven't written anything in quite a while! Sorry! Things are hectic and busy and, well, chaotic.

My mom's surgery went well. She was healing right along, last I spoke with her.

Moriah's team has had a series of losses, but she's had pretty decent games (a double tonight!) and has had very decent pitching. The biggest problem her team is with their pitching 'bench', which isn't deep at all. Three kids can get it across the plate very well, but with the limits the league puts on the kids, they can only pitch a max of 40 pitches and then they have to sit out a game and have a day of rest. There is a whole formula for who can pitch how many and when. That means that kids who don't pitch as well end up having to pitch. Drives Moriah crazy to have to sit out and it's so hard to watch the other teams score runs from base on balls after base on balls after base on balls (up to the 5 run rule).

If you've been wondering about the deal with Samuel, here is the I-intended-to-write-a-short version. He was passed over for getting the 8th Grader of the Year award. Surprised and hurt him quite a bit, considering all he'd done as student council president this year and in other capacities and how very little the rest of the 8th grade class did for the school (including the girl who got the award). I ended up talking with the jr. high teachers and found out that he was actually their first choice, but something happened along the way to derail it and that was the bitter pill we all had to swallow. I think knowing he was the first choice helped with his disappointment. The jr. high teachers did acknowledge that they should have given two awards this year (like they did last year, duh), so that helped a little too. All in all, it was a good lesson in humility and knowing that he would have done all the same work and volunteering award or no award, being who he is. It was very hard for his parents to watch his disappointment, so it was a good lesson for us to speak up for our kid while also trying to keep things in perspective.

School ended last Thursday, I finished mostly on Friday and we had a lovely Memorial Day weekend (more on that in another post soon, I promise). I officially 'signed out' from school today, so I'm completely ready to dive into summer!

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